Author name: xolisi

Human Nature Time

Breaking the line of the water’s edge with a stone, a broken shell during the incoming tideSunset Beach, West Coast […]

Flow, Site_Specific Land Art Biennale

Flow. Drift. SplatterFlowing with clarity and energized focus.Creating, WorkingBeing in the moment. Drifting along, swept away by emotions.Feelings, thoughts that

Mixed media installation of twigs, leaves, bark, perspex, and ink - at Geumgang Nature Art Centre in Gongju, South Korea

We are of wood and stone

우리는 나무 그리고 돌 we are of wood and stone Below the surface of language, culture and individuality, are we

Look upon: specimen

We as humans display, explore and examine the natural world, trying to understand it, sometimes taking advantage of it and

"Wat steek in jou nate" - performance art by Janet Botes as part of OPENLab2016

Wat steek vas in jou nate?

“Wat steek vas in jou nate”, Janet Botes, Created/Performed during OPENLab2016, as part of the Programme for Innovation in Artform

"Tread Upon" sand installation at Grande Provence

Tread Upon

Sand installation, using sand and cardboard stencils to create the silhouettes of insects and leaves on the floor of the

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