Welcome! I am an artist living on the Garden Route of South Africa who creates art, design, workshops & creative experiences that explore and express the magic of nature.

I create art in a variety of mediums that express my appreciation of biodiversity, natural cycles, and the beauty of Mother Earth. I sell these as original artworks and limited edition prints. I also do graphic design and project-based work.

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I create pencil and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, and other artworks on paper – inspired by nature, everyday life and spirituality.

My mixed media artworks are often created on wood, canvas, hemp or found objects, and by experimenting with different materials.

My art prints include monotype artworks, artwork reproductions of ink drawings, digital art & photographic documentation of land art.

NUANCES series

NUANCES is a series of montage landscapes created from layered painted textures, drawing and photographs; printed on cotton, acid-free paper with archival prints. Only 5 prints are produced for each artwork.

I create art in response to my environment and sense of place. I am also guided and inspired by the natural cycles of our Earth, the seasons, moon cycles, and my body’s rhythms. My work is often transient installation pieces, or created with sand or mud, but I also work in watercolour, mixed media techniques, assemblage with found objects, and recently starting using textiles, threading and calligraphy in my work. My work has been dominated by landscape, still life and representations of animals, but recently veering towards abstract expressionism interwoven with my interest and belief in deep ecology & spiritual development.

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