Flow, Site_Specific Land Art Biennale

Flow. Drift. Splatter
Flowing with clarity and energized focus.
Creating, Working
Being in the moment.

Drifting along, swept away by emotions.
Feelings, thoughts that ebb and flow like the tides.
While oil seep into the cracks of our survival.
Spluttering, Crashing against rock, 
hitting your head against a wall to leave your mark.

Flow, Focus, Have Faith
that you are in the right place at the right time.
That everything can be healed, washed away
By water. Or by Time.

Inspired and fascinated by the splatter patterns of water on sand,
the idea started to form around
the connection and borders
between land and sea.

Sea to me = Spatters Waves Foam Water Flow & Land brought me to soil, mud, “grond”. After I started playing and experimenting with the mud on the sand and rocks, I found out about a ship that got stranded just up the coast towards Knysna and Wilderness, leaking oil. 

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