Limited edition prints

Please note most of these are printed on order – please allow 12 work days for printing, signing, and delivery.

Janet’s art prints include monotype artworks, artwork reproductions of ink drawings and digital art created through the following process:

For her mixed media and montage prints, the creative process starts with a physical painting, mushroom or potato print, texture or a printed photograph onto which she would draw, paint, scratch or stitch. Other photographs are fashioned into a collage. This is then digitised and further edited, digitally drawn unto and merged with more painted textures, drawings or photographs in digital software to conjure the final artwork. It’s a process of creative alchemy where traditional art-making and digital technology comes together. The final artwork can only exist physically as a printed image.

These artworks are sold as limited edition prints where only the amount specified are printed. Some of these are single edition prints – so only one print is made – while others are printed in editions of 3, 5, 10 or 12. Rarely more than 12 is specified and printed in a limited edition print range by Janet Botes, unless it strengthens the concept of the artwork in some way.

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