Installations, arrangements and visual prayers created on-site in outdoor spaces like public beaches, forests, fields or even the garden.

Land art – also called Earth art, environmental art or nature art – involves the use of local natural materials such as soil, leaves, sand or rock to create artistic expressions in outdoor spaces. The focus is on having a dialogue with the site or natural elements, and the art itself being transient, ephemeral, time-specific or temporary – the artwork is washed away, blown away, degraded, decomposed, dissolved or trampled, and lives on in the mind of the artist(s) or as a photo, video or sketch.

Emphasizing the impermanence and flux of life, and the cyclical nature of our physical world. Honouring the fragility and temporary nature of our lives – fleeting, especially when it is perceived in relation to geological time – even though we tend to strive so hard for longevity and eternal youth. Even though these artworks do not ‘last’, it testifies of the timelessness of beauty and materiality – something that cannot be fully appreciated and understood, yet can be felt in silent, mindful moments in a place. Some of these transient works are intentionally created as a meditation or prayer.

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