Mixed media installation of twigs, leaves, bark, perspex, and ink - at Geumgang Nature Art Centre in Gongju, South Korea

We are of wood and stone

우리는 나무 그리고 돌 we are of wood and stone

Below the surface of language, culture and individuality, are we not all the same? And when we dig even deeper, into our skin, muscles, bones and blood, are we not the same as the other living creatures sharing the land with us? And when we go even deeper, to our cells, membranes and atoms, are we not the same as the plants, soil and the stones of the Earth?

All things are formed from a collection of different parts. A mountain is made up of stones, boulders, soil and trees, while each stone of the mountain is made up from different minerals, particles and microscopic organisms, each of which is composed of different cells and elements. In a similar way, our days and journeys are made up of different moments and experiences. Each of us is a small part that forms part of a larger whole. We are part of our own respective culture, country and species but also part of the ecosystem and the web of life.

Created on art residency with the Global Nomadic Art Project by YATOO

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