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The themes and subjects found in Janet’s work are often nature-inspired and include landscapes, contemporary botanical art, observational sketches of trees, insects, foliage and animals. Naturally she also draws her inspiration from personal experiences, daily life and spiritual practice. Her work is ideal for a nature-loving art collector’s home, guest houses, lobbies, waiting rooms, and office spaces.

Janet’s art is primarily created intuitively and often process-based, in situ or experimental. Aside from the works describes above, and listed below, her work includes land art, installation art, and performances. As part of her creative process, her art involves working just as much outside than in the studio. A starting point and focus is about our place and connection within the web of life and aims to honour the sacredness, cycles and biodiversity of the Earth, while being tactically inspired by its textures, colours, sounds and the moods of different times of the day.

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Please allow 7 work days for packaging and delivery of original works.
Most limited edition prints are printed on order – please allow 14 work days for printing, signing and delivery.

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