Remember playing in the sand and drawing with crayons as a child?

Rediscover your ability to play, explore and visually express yourself… Through my workshops, classes, land art sessions and creative coaching, I encourage you to have adventures in your everyday life by noticing what is around you, expressing yourself creatively and learning new things. What I wish for you is to see the world through fresh eyes – to see the beauty and magic, even while also seeing the darkness, despair and suffering. It is possible to see and support the love, joy and magic in spite of the negativity, pain and fear.

Let’s unearth your natural creativity.

“I joined Janetʼs Art class for a day of inspiration, wonder, fun, laughter and peace receiving carefully planned guidance to assist in moulding my creativity and ability. I found Janet to be very motivating, gentle, inspiring, knowledgeable, multi-talented and loved that criticism can be constructive!”

Lindie Calitz, ‘Wanabeaartist’

“Janet was absolutely a delight to work with, and the creative development plan she made me is thorough and full of great ideas! Highly recommended, I really appreciated her insights and expertise and I look forward to putting the plan into practice!”

Taylor Jones

Join for land art sessions

Explore your creativity and experience the abundance & beauty of our planet and landscapes.

Land Art Eco Rangers

These outdoor sessions give you the opportunity to explore and experience deeper connection and presence within the NOW moment. Not only do we not leave a lasting impact on the site, but this way of creating art also emphasizes the impermanence and flux of life – putting into focus how fragile and temporary our lives are in relation to geological time, even though we tend to strive so hard for longevity and eternal youth.

“This is a must do experience if you love the outdoors… Janet makes you feel really at ease, and the entire experience is one big reconnection with nature.”

Mahendran, Cape Town, South Africa (joined for a land art session)

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