Remember playing in the sand and drawing with crayons as a child?

Rediscover your ability to play and express…

Through my workshops, classes, land art sessions and creative coaching, I encourage you to have adventures in your everyday life by noticing what is around you, expressing yourself creatively, and learning new things. I am passionate about helping you develop your creativity through an exploration of nature outside & within yourself.

Let’s unearth your natural creativity.

“I joined Janetʼs Art class for a day of inspiration, wonder, fun, laughter and peace receiving carefully planned guidance to assist in moulding my creativity and ability. I found Janet to be very motivating, gentle, inspiring, knowledgeable, multi-talented and loved that criticism can be constructive!”

Lindie Calitz, ‘Wanabeaartist’

“Janet was absolutely a delight to work with, and the creative development plan she made me is thorough and full of great ideas! Highly recommended, I really appreciated her insights and expertise and I look forward to putting the plan into practice!”

Taylor Jones

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