No healing in the absence of water

Materials: broken tiles, rubble, burglar bar found in a room, dried leaf, 1 unbroken tile

Symbolizing the cracks on a dried lake in the dessert where water has become absent, the tiles also refer to broken, dry skin. The rocks around the drain outlet transforms it into a well, inviting water to return to the surface, while the dried leaf is a reference to dried-out organs. No healing or life can exist where there is no water.

On Sunday 22 January 2012; using the materials available to us, 4 artists entered and altered the state of the space inside a vacant building once used as part of the Conradie Hospital. The discarded, vacated space have been ravaged by desperate souls attacking the structure to take anything that they could sell or use – even digging into walls to steal the pipes.  Rubble, sand, dust, discarded medical supplies, remnants from the days that this building was used to treat and nurture patients: used to give expression to our ideas and feelings about the space, and to create patterns, textures and bring new energy into the building. This formed part of HumanEarth – an art project and series of exhibitions led by Nastasha  Daniels, centred around human-environment interaction.

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