“George Sedgefield”

Limited edition print on archival fine art paper
Size: 650mm x 650mm; 800mm x 800mm
Includes white border; unframed
Editions: 5
Year: 2012

This Nuances work was inspired by the beaches and lakes of Sedgefield on the Garden Route. The Outeniqua Mountains close to George is visible on the horizon. The ebb and flow of life and ecology is so tactile and visible in these areas, that it almost seems like a you enter through a walkway into a new world, a respite from “everyday life”. Sedgefield is classified as a “slow town” and boasts a weekly farmer’s market. Most of the beaches fall in nature reserve areas, as part of Cape Nature, and the beautiful stretches of beach are almost unspoilt. But even in this piece of paradise the mark of human industry and consumerism is visible in the fragments and bits of plastic that washes ashore. After visiting this landscape, the artist has a renewed dedication towards playing a part and picking up plastic waste from Cape Town’s beaches.


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