“Sunset Breath Of Fire”

Archival print on Hahnemühle paper
880 x 1100 mm (paper size. printed image size 76 x 88 cm)
Editions: 5

Created by merging and overlaying photographs, textures, colour and drawing to create the different nuances and textures within the water, surf and rocks. Available as a limited edition print of 5 editions. Contact to enquire about the framed edition (1/5)


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Inspired by sunsets on South East Asian beaches that awakens a feeling of longing for the sunsets on the beaches of South Africa, this artwork was created from photographs taken in Vietnam as well as the Garden Route of South Africa. Many of the works in Janet’s Nuances series incorporate different landscapes and spaces in this way, linking locations visually and creating an energetic thread or perhaps a ‘ley line’ between the two places. The stone circle represents a prayer, song or meditation in honour of the regenerative cycle of the Sun daily reawakening on the horizon, as well as the seasons that guide the growth and abundance that humanity relies upon. A prayer for Mother Earth, and of a safe journey for travelers crossing the seas. The artwork can also be seen as a love song or hymn, sung by the artist as she stands on the shore, gazing out at sea, feeling a longing for home.

As the day slowly wanes on the sea’s horizon,
I ponder the sea’s glittering trail to the sun,
Inviting me to watch its vibrant dying light,
Before the day’s life gives way to the night.
Still, I lingered a while after it faded away,
Wondering about the promises of a new day.

– From ‘Promises of a New Day’ by Belinda Stotler

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