“Sinai Mountains”

Size: 1500mm x 600mm

Includes white border; unframed

Editions: 5

Year: 2014

The works in the Nuances series usually depict South African landscapes. This work, however, was inspired by the expansive landscapes and mountains of the Eastern Sinai region, close to Dahab in Egypt. The green in the work makes reference to the Aian Khudra Oasis, located within the White Canyon, which the artist visited during her trip. As one of her desert-focused artworks, it expresses the beauty of nature even in arid places, but it also seeks to draw attention to these growing regions – due to deforestation, climate change and other environmental issues or human-led causes our deserts are growing larger. Coincidentaly the mountain range in this landscape have a similar silhuette to the Heldberg range viewed from Strand, close to cape town.


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