Artwork of hand amongst tribal looking flower and leaf montage

Creative Process Facilitation & Transformation Coaching

Supporting your creativity, growth and transformation through art-making, outdoor experiences, journaling, meditation & prayer. We focus on activities that connect you deeper to yourself and the world around you, healing and clearing what needs to be released, burning away what no longer serves you, and grounding your new vision for your life.

I am passionate about helping you unearth and explore your own artistic and creative skills (we all have them, they just express differently in each of us!!). Whether you are looking to express yourself in a supportive environment, need support with the next step in your art career, keen to join ongoing outdoor art sessions, or ready to dive deeper into what keeps you from creating freely, I would love to help!

Become more of who you’re meant to be. CREATE what you are here to create! My journey to overcome creative blocks, self doubt and anxiety has equipped me with tools, strategies, and a pinch of wisdom that I can share with you!

Join me for ‘creative exploration sessions’ in which we do the following:

  • delve into the reasons you’re not creating the art, music, book or other creations you’re inspired to birth into this world.
  • find the ways in which you BEST flow, move and create – we’re all different, and only YOU will truly know what supports you best! I facilitate the process, so we co-create the right approach for your natural creativity.
  • implement the tools, habits, systems or simply spaces that will best inspire, motivate, empower and support you!
Montage artwork including veiny leaf, circular dandelion seed style imprint and textured papers with the word breathe in cursive below

Join for a transformation journey using art, meditation and journaling, as part of DREAMING THE NEW EARTH: CO-CREATING THE SOVEREIGN RESILIENT HUMANITY OF THE FUTURE – a global online gathering of visionaries, wisdom keepers and practitioners who are in service to the global awakening of consciousness and to supporting people and our planet during these times of great change. Join for 5 days, from 27 November to 1 December 2023.

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