Swellendam Marloth

This Nuances work was inspired by a visit to Swellendam and the Marloth nature reserve, at the foot of the Langeberg mountains. The trees in the reserve was ravaged by fires a while before the visit, but the aftermath was still visible. However, the moss growing over blackened tree-stumps and the silhouettes of the leaf-less trees were a sight for inspiration, and attests to the regenerative power and resilience of nature. This gives hope to the possibility of the earth healing itself of all the damage we are inflicting on it through our unsustainable lifestyle practices and industry.

While all the Nuances works are very personal and subjective works, documenting the artist’s journey through landscapes, “Swellendam Marloth” has an additional personal value to the artist. Her experience of Swellendam was further enchanted with the company of two very wonderful and beautiful friends and her husband.