When I watched the first edit of this short film I cried. I got emotional from seeing myself through the eyes of the videographer & interviewer, Andrea Stallbom. I cried because I could see how much of an artist I really am – not many people know how much I struggle with self-doubt and ‘imposter syndrome’ as an artist. In this video, I can see my enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and perspectives reflected back to me in a way that my inner critic just can’t block or distort. I can see what people mean when they say I have beautiful hands. I can see what people mean when they say I inspire them with my love for art. This video so clearly captures my process and intention, it has literally brought me to tears and to my knees in gratitude.

A very big thank you – coming from an endless pit of gratitude – to Andrea Stallbom and Jennifer Reynolds of StateoftheART Gallery for your neverending support, encouragement, love and for making MAGIC happen for artists like me!!!

Photos, filming & editing by Andrea Stallbom