Landscape with Table Mountain, waves and city elements
South Bound, 2011

South Bound was inspired by a trip to Cape Point Nature Reserve with my parents.  I’ve been living in Cape Town for a few years, and have been living in the city for most of this time, often taking trips to surrounding – more natural – areas. This trip, with my family, was special and very enjoyable, and we had a lot of fun – the payphones in the work was taken at the parking lot at Cape Point and symbolises communication with your loved ones.

However – and this is where this work ties in with the underlying theme of the entire Nuances series (see further below for overall description/motivation for the series) – while I thoroughly enjoyed being in the landscape, surrounded by the beauty of the Cape peninsula, fynbos and the ocean, I was still in city mode, used to the views of the skyscrapers, cars and the buildings of the Waterfront on the left. I couldn’t immediately “switch off” or really appreciate the natural surroundings, in a way I was almost yearning for the city rather than the quiet of the nature reserve.

What I have found, though, on that particular trip and on several other travels – is that the longer you spend in nature, the more you feel yourself merge into the landscape, feel part of nature, feel welcome and comfortable with just ‘being’, just ‘existing’ without being concerned with your unpaid bills, your noisy neighbour or your next big project.