Per hour coaching


General coaching or tutoring in creative development, art practice, and/or graphic design.

Talk to me about a personalized plan in which we assess and answer your needs, available time, personal habits, and budget.

Answer the urges of your soul, stoke the fire of your creative power. Whether you’re itching to create artworks, a book, music, a business, or simply space for yourself to breatheā€¦ BECOME the creator you are meant to be. Break through the limitations and stories that keep you small. Become courageous and bigger than the excuses, lies, and doubts that stop you from creating the things that will nourish you and the world around you.

Learn from the wisdom of Mother Earth

Together we’ll explore these questions: Are you working according to the seasons in your life and work? Or are you holding onto unnatural ways of being? Are you embracing natural cycles of ebb and flow while listening to the needs of your own body? Or are you holding on to outdated strategies that leave you overworked, discontent, and unhealthy?

It’s time to live your passion!

What I wish for you is to see the world through fresh eyes – to see the beauty and magic, even while also seeing the darkness, despair and suffering. It is possible to see and support the love, joy and magic in spite of the negativity, pain and fear.