Land art outing: small group


Create temporary art in the outdoors: Ideal for a birthday event, or family outing, or friends activity

4-12 people

After an introduction to our site, land art as an art form, and guidelines to the creative process (including how to respect the ecosystem and leave a small impact) we’ll do a sensory tune-in with our surroundings (using our senses to look, smell, listen). And then we’ll start playing & making! Creating arrangements and visual poetry that express the dialogue you are having with your surroundings. I will make suggestions and give ideas if needed, but you are free to connect, play and create at your own pace and guided by your own creativity. You can create on your own, or work on something together. We’ll have a look at each temporary art piece – appreciating, taking photos, and sharing thoughts that came up during the process.

The site location depends on the season, the weather, and the tide.

What to bring

Signed indemnity form
Simple tools that could be used to shape sand, leaves or other natural materials.
Sunhat, Sunglasses and/or Sunscreen if it’s sunny / Raincoat if it’s rainy
Comfortable, old clothing and very comfortable shoes (if you don’t want to be barefoot)
Personal Emergency medicine or gear (e.g. if you are allergic to bee sting)
Camera (or your phone) to take photos of your art
Water & snacks