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Feel the energy


Feel the energy
Mixed media on canvas

This is one of two paintings in which I used my own palm print. I have recently felt a renewed interest in palmistry or palm reading, in which one can see meaning and messages about your life and personality in the shape and lines of one’s own hands. This painting is also inspired by the concept of energy healing – through which you would concentrate universal, reiki or healing energy into the palms of your hands – channeling it from Source energy / God / the Universe – to then transfer it to another living being as an act of healing or blessing. To the left of the hand in the painting are rocks – a symbol timeless energy: pebbles, rocks, stones, gems and crystals have grown their energetic nature over thousands and millions of years as matter concentrates and compresses within the particles of each stone.

Exhibited at Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery at Timberlake Organic Village as part of EVOKINGĀ