Deer Park Tree Moment
"Deer Park Tree Moment"
pencil on art paper
29.7 x 420 cm
2019 A drawing inspired by land art created in Deer Park at the foot of Table Mountain – breaking and fitting twigs found on the ground into the nook of a tree. This drawing was created in a very sensitive way to capture the fragility of the moment – at any moment a gust of wind, or a finger’s touch pushing to hard onto the supporting branch, and most of the pieces of twig would fall out and need to be re-placed into the nook.
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Forest Floor Dream
"Forest Floor Dream"
Ink on paper, drawing with fineliner, unframed
29.7 x 420 cm
2018 This ink on paper drawing is a reminder of nature's fragile balance. The Knysna Leaf-folding Frog (Afrixalus knysnae) ranks amongst the highest in need for conservation orientated research within South African threatened frogs. In the light that many of the sites are so small, there is a need to take action to preserve these sites. Control of invasive vegetation is imperative for this species’ survival.
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