Mixed media artworks, paintings and work on wood, cloth, canvas or other non-paper surfaces. I often work with paint I mix myself, with pigments I source from nature. Many of my mixed media works are created from found objects, discarded materials like food packaging, offcuts or from natural materials from compost piles, cuttings, prunings or from construction sites.

Connected Mixed media on canvas This is one of two paintings created this year (2021) in which I used my own palm print as personal expression, as well as a universal symbol for the tactile AND energetic nature of life and 'reality'. Two hands symbolise the connection we have with each other as human beings, while the dashed line depicts our connection with something beyond our physical selves - with the Universe, Source energy, God, or with the Earth, or Gaia. The earthy, firey, colours refer to the latter as our source of life, source of sustenance, and source of... connection. Exhibited at Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery at Timberlake Organic Village as part of EVOKINGĀ 
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Follow your Intuition
Follow your Intuition Mixed media on canvas My paintings are often created in layers, and this artwork started off straight away with a seed-like structure, which can now be seen as a 'source of light' in the upper half of the painting, and the roots that grow into the bottom of the painting. For me listening to my intuition means to follow my inclinations to spend time in the ocean, forests, and mountains. It means listening to my heart, following my bliss, and rooting deeper into who I am - shedding the preconceptions, identities and stereotypes that I've been abiding by. This rooting or grounding into who I am is then an expression of what I perceive as reality. Reality for me is not merely what we see, but it's what we feel, sense, think, perceive, experience and it all forms part of a world of absolute MAGIC and beauty, even though it can so often feel or look like the opposite is true. Exhibited at Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery at Timberlake Organic Village as part of EVOKINGĀ 
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Karoo Sun
Original acrylic painting on wood 30 x 45 cm 2020 Created during a creative gathering of artists at Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery in Wilderness (Garden Route, South Africa), I worked very intuitively, simply allowing the artwork to - in some sense - create itself.
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