“Biodiversity Matters” series
This series is inspired by biodiversity and its importance in sustaining and supporting life. Our reliance on functioning ecosystems for our air, water and sustenance is at the core of this work, and expressed through:

an appreciation for the insects, creatures and organisms that process decaying matter,
honouring the trees who create and support living ecosysytems within and around themselves,
emphasising the roots and mycelial networks that facilitate the delivery of food and messages within an ecosystem − to other plants as well as the many organisms that keep the soil healthy − which help to maintain the soil in which nourishing food crops could be grown,
acknowledging the ways in which organisms rely on symbiotic relationships and interdependence for survival and abundance.

The value of biodiversity is that it makes our ecosystems more resilient, which is a prerequisite for stable societies; its wanton destruction is akin to setting fire to our lifeboat.

– Johan Rockstrom