My art prints include monotype artworks, artwork reproductions of ink drawings and digital art created through the following process:

For my mixed media and montage prints, the creative process starts with a physical painting, mushroom or potato print, texture or a printed photograph onto which I draw, paint, scratch or stitch. Other photographs are fashioned into a collage. This is then digitised and further edited, digitally drawn unto and merged with more painted textures, drawings or photographs in digital software to conjure the final artwork. It’s a process of creative alchemy where traditional art-making and digital technology comes together. The final artwork can only exist physically as a printed image.

These artworks are largely sold as limited edition prints where only the amount specified are printed. Some of these are single edition prints – so only one print is made – while others are printed in editions of 3, 5, 10 or 12. I rarely print more than 12 in a limited edition print range, unless it strengthens the concept of the artwork in some way.

Sometimes my art prints also include abstract or stylized illustrations inspired by ecology, conscious living, or as expressive art depicting an emotion or experience. Other prints are photographs captured with my Pentax K-1000 SLR camera on 55mm film. In some of these photos you will see that I double-exposed onto the same frame of the film – a process that often results in surprising and unpredictable results!

Please note that I only sell & deliver within South Africa through this online shop. If you’re interested in my work and based outside of South Africa, please contact me.