Land art prints that documents and shares the installations, arrangements and visual prayers created on-site in outdoor spaces like public beaches, forests, fields or even the garden.

These creative expressions as artworks are very transient, ephemeral, time-specific or temporary. I aim to leave no lasting impact on the site and also emphasise the impermanence and flux of life, and the cyclical nature of our physical world. I focus on honouring the fragility and temporary nature of our lives – fleeting, especially when it is perceived in relation to geological time – even though we tend to strive so hard for longevity and eternal youth. These works only exist through the photographic documentation that captures the moment after creation (or sometimes a sequence of images that document the decay or destruction of the artwork). The true artwork – the original creation – is washed away, blown away, degraded, decomposed, dissolved or trampled.

My land art prints are available in editions of 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 – the edition size is indicated on the individual print pages.

Please note that I only sell & deliver within South Africa through this online shop. If you’re interested in my work and based outside of South Africa, please contact me.