Art on paper

Pastels, watercolour paintings, stitching onto paper, mixed media, monotype and other artworks inspired by nature, created on paper, in colour (view my black & white art on paper).

Paper I often use are: Fabriano, textured cotton rag paper, cartridge paper, brown kraft paper, hand-made and found/upcycled paper. These artworks are all original artworks – one-of-a-kind – and expresses my explorations and experience of nature, biodiversity or ecology, and my soul connection to my own deepest Self, Spirit, the Cosmos and Mother Earth.

I often create my art as a prayer, with the intention of honouring the sacred within all things. My art on paper also includes drawings, paintings and nature observations that include representational art of insects, leaves, trees, rocks and feathers. Other artworks are expressive and intuitive explorations that bring different elements together – different subjects, materials, concepts or views. Some of my drawings inspired by nature are created ‘plein air’ (19th century style of painting outside) – on site when I am hiking, going to the beach or visiting a site to create land art.

Please note that I only sell & deliver within South Africa through this online shop. If you’re interested in my work and based outside of South Africa, please contact me.

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