Pencil and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, stitching onto paper, mixed media, monotype and other artworks inspired by nature, created on paper. Paper I often use are: Fabriano, textured cotton rag paper, cartridge paper, brown kraft paper, hand-made and found/upcycled paper. These artworks are all original artworks – one-of-a-kind – and expresses my explorations and experience of nature, biodiversity or ecology, and my soul connection to my own deepest Self, Spirit, the Cosmos and Mother Earth.

I often create my art as a prayer, with the intention of honouring the sacred within all things. My art on paper also includes drawings, paintings and nature observations that include representational art of insects, leaves, trees, rocks and feathers. Other artworks are expressive and intuitive explorations that bring different elements together – different subjects, materials, concepts or views. Some of my drawings inspired by nature are created ‘plein air’ (19th century style of painting outside) – on site when I am hiking, going to the beach or visiting a site to create land art.

Please note that I only sell & deliver within South Africa through this online shop. If you’re interested in my work and based outside of South Africa, please contact me.

Emergence Pastel, charcoal & ink on fabriano 2014
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"Holding" Printing Ink & fineliner on paper (original artwork) 210 x 148 mm 2021 And abstract piece of art, intuitively created, which to the artist holds an energy of holding, nurturing or enveloping something treasured. Open to interpretation of course! A very subjective artwork.
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Watercolour on art paper Size 29 x 21 cm (unframed) 2015 Imprinted in our DNA is not only our genetic material, but also ancient matter from our ageless origins long before we evolved into Homo Sapiens. Exhibited as part of my solo exhibition in 2016: ORGANISM >>
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“In flight of what no longer belongs”
"In flight of what no longer belongs" Ink on paper 290 x 420 mm
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“Natural Heritage”
"Natural Heritage" Mixed media on paper (ink, coffee, watercolour on art paper) 470 x 370 mm FRAMED size 2021 Created for Evoking Art Experience 2.0 under the theme 'Heritage'. My process and my work is constantly inspired by our natural heritage - as human beings as a species, as part of the web of life, as beings reliant on the land for our survival and ability to thrive. Our connection to Mother Earth is first and foremost our heritage and our identity. We are children of the earth. The animals are our brothers and sisters.
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“Pollen : Sperm”
Pollen: Sperm Pastel and Charcoal on paper 42 x 29.5cm (unframed) 2016 These fluffy seed heads in this drawing will release their seeds into the wind and rain, where it will fall in fertile soil and germinate to grow as grasses that would bear the same seed heads. Nature works in cycles, as does our lives when we really think about it.  
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“Pollen: Plant Orgasm”
Pollen: Plant Orgasm Charcoal on paper 42 x 29.5cm (unframed) 2016 This abstract drawing symbolises the release of already pollinated seeds from a plant so it can be carried to fertile soil where it can grow into a seedling.
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Animal Spirit
Animal Spirit Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri Ink (Wild Chestnut) on drawing paper 42 x 59.4 cm   2020 Read more about the artwork >>
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Deer Park Tree Moment
"Deer Park Tree Moment"
pencil on art paper
29.7 x 420 cm
2019 A drawing inspired by land art created in Deer Park at the foot of Table Mountain – breaking and fitting twigs found on the ground into the nook of a tree. This drawing was created in a very sensitive way to capture the fragility of the moment – at any moment a gust of wind, or a finger’s touch pushing to hard onto the supporting branch, and most of the pieces of twig would fall out and need to be re-placed into the nook.
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"Entwined" Ink on paper (original drawing) 210 x 148 mm 2021
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Finding Growth – watercolour and pencil drawing
"Finding Growth" original drawing Medium: Watercolour and pencil on 300 gsm Canson art paper Size: 29,7 x 42 cm 2020 The inspiration/reference material for this drawing was a piece of dried foliage/roots and a broken shell found on the beach.
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"Fuungi" Mixed media on paper (ink, coffee, fineliner, white marker) 210 x 148 mm 2021
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“Growth doesn’t always flow in one direction”

Growth doesn’t always flow in one direction” Ink, watercolour and acyrlic on 300gsm Bockingford paper 370 x 270 mm. Unframed 2021

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