THUPELO MOMENTS are a series of double exposure photographs created during the 2015 Thupelo workshop held at Ruth Prowse school of Art in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. This workshop can be seen as a break or hiatus in the usual way of living and working for the artists who participated. Thupelo workshops aim at giving artists a space and opportunity to work, explore and make art in a supportive environment, and encourages collaboration and cultural exchange between the international and local artists who participate. For two weeks we were able to focus on artmaking and exploring ideas (which are often worth developing further), while (mostly) forgetting or escaping from our usual responsbilities and activities.

These photographs were created by exposing (taking a photograph of) the other artists’s work onto a film with photos from a weekend away (another hiatus or break from the usual) in Ceres just a few weeks prior to the workshop. Each photograph becomes a collaboration between the artist whose work is photographed and the artist as photographer.