“Energy, nutrients, water, and wind flows through the land. It breathes, it lives, it fluctuates and moves. The currents, migrating animals and messages through the mycelial network between plants and trees are all part of this flow. We are part of this flow, even if we resist it – or think that we can control it. The seasons, tides and phases of the moon is part of this flow too. This artwork is inspired by the currents of the sea just as much as it’s inspired by the movements of the sand blowing over the rocks. The photographs and print that forms the basis of the artwork are of Cape Columbine, close to Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa.”

The Flow Of The Land
mixed media of acrylic, pastel, ink on archival print on cotton paper
Paper size: 84 x 84 cm (Image size: 64 x 66 cm)

SOLD by StateoftheArt Gallery