ORGANIC is a sculpture and installation project that grew organically since February 2009, when Janet moved to Cape Town. This installation took form at two different exhibitions:

  • Mixed media installation, exhibited as part of the Sangisa Sangisa exhibition in September 2009 at VANSA’s Spin Space, Cape Town. 2009. The aim of the Organic sculptures and installation was to create forms inspired by natural shapes found in the landscape. The sculptural pieces were made using found wood or branches, newspaper, masking tape and wire to build the structure, and then colouring it with coffee.
  • Exhibited as part of the first HumanEarth exhibition, entitled HumanEarth: Conversation, hosted by Wessel Snyman Creative in Cape Town, 11 – 22 January 2011. Artists: Janet Ranson, Isabeau Joubert, Janet Botes, Nastasha Daniels, Danny Shorkend. Natural materials, found around Cape Town and Sea Point, were used with the existing ORGANIC sculptures to create a nature installation art piece within the gallery environment. Duality plays an important role in this installation – life and death, growth and decay, and this is juxtaposed by the contradiction between the natural and built environment, and the way that the natural sits uncomfortably within the built space.