Organic Matters
Charcoal and watercolour on Fabriano
95.5 x 65 cm

Charcoal section: Combining organic matter like a shell, bone, seaweed, flowers and leaves as semi-stylized still life together with a seagull and rock formations seen in the Cederberg. The ‘rough’ markmaking of the drawing seeks to convey the wild and uncontrolled nature of the landscape, something we usually try to tame or understand better by compartementalizing, studying or extracting certain elements of it.

Watercolour strip: Illustrating small fragments or organic bits found in nature, it supports the ‘organic matter’ in the contrasting black section of the work, but also forms an opposition or juxtaposition because of the contrast in colour, detail, boldness and technique used. This is where the wildness of the charcoal drawing is reduced to something more detailed, structured and less intimidating to the human eye.