‘After the Rain’
Limited Edition archival print on art paper
Full size (includes white border): 80 x 80 cm
Editions: 5  

There is life where there is water. The Karoo and Kalahari don’t often get rain, but when they do it’s often a lot of rain at once, leaving pools of water wherever the water can’t seep away completely, filling the pans, and inviting the animals of the area to enjoy the bounty. Animals that are intricately connected and inter-dependent in their unique ecosystem.

Initially this artwork was entitled ‘Karoo rain Spirit’ because to me the reflection of the large bird in the water is not a mere reflection of a large bird flying too high to be in the image, but it is the giraffe’s own animal spirit, or spirit companion – two animals as one, energetically living as both even though physically just walking and living as a giraffe. This then suggests that the giraffe could have been a large bird in a previous life, reincarnating as a giraffe. Which of course gives human concepts to non-human beings, but a fun idea, and the intention or thoughts of the artist during her creative process.  

Available from StateoftheArt Gallery