Metamorphosis I: Nature Changes 

One of the themes in my work – Metamorphosis – is inspired by the metamorphosis of insects, as well as personal and spiritual transformation. It follows from the research and visual work that I did for my SAND(SPOOR] performance at the Arts Lounge during the 2012 National Arts Festival, which focused on tracks and marks left on the landscape by human, animal, insect alike.

While exploring ‘metamorphosis’, I realized it fits within a wider theme: 


There is currently 10-14 million species of life on Earth. An organism is seen as a biotic, living part of the environment. An organism is seen to:

  • be able to respond to stimuli
  • reproduce, grow and develop
  • be self-regulating, achieving a state of homeostasis

I am inspired by the scientific-biological nature, but also the spiritual symbolism, of organisms, landscapes and biotic systems. I believe that

  1.  there should be no division between science, culture and spirituality – the separation that we perceive between science, spirituality, us, nature, other people, animals and everything ‘different’ to us, is just an illusion.
  2.  each human being is an organism, among other organisms, that form an equal and intricate part of the web of life – a system much more complicated, mysterious and magical that we could ever fully understand.


In exploring and expressing this belief and focus, I am looking at the following elements, sub-themes and organisms in my work:

  • spiderwebs
  • fungi, lichen and moss
  • Gaia, or Mother Earth, as organism and living system
  • GMO – genomes engineered or altered in a lab
  • Soil organisms
  • Water organisms
  • Springtails, which speeds up the recycling of dad plants into usable nutrients
  • Beetles
  • Unicellular and multi-cellular organisms
  • Membranes, layers, skin and silk (from cocoons and webs)
  • Atoms, proteins and life’s building blocks
  • Human within the landscape
  • Plants, angiosperms and biomass
  • Bacterium microorganisms, Mycoplasma gallicepticum.

The largest organism, as well as the smallest organism on the planet is used as inspiration and relates to the concept of macrocosm vs. microcosm – all life deriving from the big bang and each of us made from particles part of the Universe as a whole.

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