Land art – also called Earth art, environmental art or nature art – involves the use of local natural materials such as soil, leaves, sand or rock to create artistic expressions in outdoor spaces. The focus is on having a dialogue with the site or natural elements, and the art itself being temporary – the artwork is destroyed by the wind, incoming tide or by animals, and thus the artwork lives on in the mind of the artist(s) or as a photo, video or sketch.

My Land Art and in situ work is almost always transient, time-specific or temporary. This is done not only to negate leaving a lasting impact on our natural environments or landscapes, but also to emphasise the impermanence and flux of nature, of which we are inevitably and undoubtedly part of. Even though these works do not last, other than through the documentation made of it, it testifies of the timelessness of beauty and materiality – something that cannot be fully appreciated and understood, yet can be felt in silent, mindful moments in a place. Some of these transient works are intentionally created as a meditation or prayer.

This is only a small collection, please contact me for more information about limited edition prints – or usage rights for CD covers, book covers, posters or other promotional material.

While the wind breezes softly
and even subtle movements of the branch
causes little twigs to fall back to the ground

A practice in patience is forged
an effort in accepting, and trying again
picking up more pieces from the ground

And returning.
Again. Again.