I create installation art & performances as part of art residencies, festivals or exhibitions that offer an ideal platform for my exploration of these forms.

  • Tankwa Artscape 2022
    “Remembrance & Resurrection” was my main focus during the time of my residency. An artwork in honour of the late Ian Marley who contributed to Tankwa Artscape in 2021. I was privileged to be lectured by Ian, in drawing, as an art student 10 years ago and his influence during my education still resonates in […]
  • Taman Collaboration
    Found broken glass pieces, abandoned Taman Festival grounds, Bali.Collaboration with Pierre Bezuidenhout2019
  • Encoded
    “Encoded” Encoded in our DNA, encoded in our bloodIn the fingerprints of the rock…and mirrored in the shadows at sunset Lies the secrets of our ancestors The lessons we need to heed The age-old call of the wild Written in the slate Engraved in each grain of sand The sun burning away the dirt To […]
  • Human Nature Time
    “Human Nature Time ” Breaking the line of the water’s edge with a stone, a broken shell during the incoming tide Sunset Beach, West Coast of the Western Cape, South Africa 2015 This artwork symbolises our ability as humans to stop or resist the tide coming in the years ahead. Collectively we have managed to cause […]
  • Leaves of Change
    “Step through the wind that rustle the leaves of trees, plants & weedson the slope of a mountain – fallen, standing, tallthe trees that read the memory of the leaves Defined shades and lines cast by the long limbs of the treesLet all the green leaves be yours – the brown, dry and darkleft as […]
  • Look. Look again.
    Look. Look again.Installationmaterials: magnifying glass, plumbing components, organic material, sample containers. base: sand, white painted wooden box, glass sheetsdimensions variable2016 Exhibited as part of my second solo exhibition, ORGANISM, in April 2016 at StateoftheArt Gallery in Cape Town. View more works from the ORGANISM exhibition >>
  • ORGANISM performance
    This performance entailed selecting samples from my own body and placing them into test tubes and small containers. In each of these containers a ‘sample’ from an insect, animal or plant was already placed. Adding my body’s material, and thus my DNA to the same test tube, I aimed to emphasize the sameness of our […]
  • Wat steek vas in jou nate?
    “Wat steek vas in jou nate”, Janet Botes, Created/Performed during OPENLab2016, as part of the Programme for Innovation in Artform Development (PIAD), an initiative of the Vrystaat Arts Festival and University of the Free State. Acacia thorns stuck into the skin of my left hand, after which audience members were invited to remove them. View […]
  • Dirt is Good
    Dirt is Good was a process- and time-based soil installation from 27 February to 1 March 2015. Created on the first day of THAT ART FAIR, in Salt River, I created this drawing/design by pouring soil from my garden into lines and neatening each line with a paint brush. I invited Fair goers to add […]
  • Ouroboros
    Over the weekend of 5 and 6 September 2015, we launched Anni Snyman’s first Site_Specific Karoo Geoglyph, the Snake Eagle Thinking Path, in Matjiesfontein. Matjiesfontein is a historical little town in the Karoo area of South Africa, situated right next to the railroad and the N1 highway that connects Johannesburg and Cape Town. The site […]
  • Tread Upon
    Sand installation, using sand and cardboard stencils to create the silhouettes of insects and leaves on the floor of the gallery as well as using time as element for the creation and destruction. This work is focused on sand as material, medium and inspiration – sand representing the dust of our existence, the kernels resulting […]
  • Pathway: inside|outside
    Pathway: inside|outside Materials: Leaves found inside the building, broken glass, dead insects found in the rooms Uninhabited by patients, doctors, nurses or humans, the space have become a haven for a variety of creatures. Window’s glass that usually provide us with a means to view ‘outside’ from within a building while still keeping ‘outside’ and […]
  • No healing in the absence of water
    Materials: broken tiles, rubble, burglar bar found in a room, dried leaf, 1 unbroken tile Symbolizing the cracks on a dried lake in the dessert where water has become absent, the tiles also refer to broken, dry skin. The rocks around the drain outlet transforms it into a well, inviting water to return to the […]