In this moment I let go of all my own stories, beliefs and excuses.
In this moment I let go of all my desire and hopes.
In this moment I just listen to the wind through the bells.
In this moment I am here.
– – –
Bells recorded at a temple in South Korea in 2015 during the Global Nomadic Art Project.
Leaf with a stick threaded through, at Fairy Knowe backpackers in Wilderness, South Africa, in 2018.

– – –

Exhibited as part of:

영상전 ‘바람’

Video Exhibition ‘Wind’

지구의 기상변화를 감지할 수 있는 핵심적인 요소 중 하나인 바람은 시각적, 개념적 대상으로서 미적표현을 위한 풍부한 영감을 예술가들에게 제공해 주고 있을 뿐만 아니라 국경을 넘어선 글로벌한 지구환경의 연계성을 반영하는 상징이기도 하다. 바람을 주제로 22개국 81인(75팀)이 참여하는 영상전의 작품들은 주전시장인 연미산자연미술공원 외에도 공주시의 구도심 상가 및 공주대학교에서 전시된다.

Wind, one of the key elements to detect weather changes in the earth, is not only a visual and conceptual object that gives artists rich inspirations for aesthetic expression, but also a symbol that reflects the connection of the global environment beyond the borders. The artworks of the video exhibition with 81 artists (75 teams) from 22 countries on the theme of wind are screened at Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Kongju National University and some places in Gongju City (South Korea).

2018. 8. 20 – 10. 16

연미산자연미술공원, 공주대학교 중앙도서관, 맛깔, 서천상회

Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Kongju National University, Makkal – A House with a Deep Yard, Seocheonsanghoe 

22개국 81인 (75팀) 81 Artists (75 Teams) from 22 Countries

“In this moment I just listen” from Janet Botes on Vimeo.