In my blood
39 x 15 cm
Mixed media (ink, acrylic, stitching, chalk on reclaimed paper)

We are connected through our blood
to our ancestors, to Mother Earth, to other species,
to the past and also the future.

Wisdom, energetic codes, genetic heritage,
health, vitality and ancestral memory
is carried within
our veins, nervous system, brain, heart and tissues.

At the same time we are constantly
shaped, influenced, and nourished
by our surrounding environment…

Making it important to spend as much time as possible
in natural spaces
where there are less noise and disturbance.

The environment that feeds me is filled
with bird song, flowers, trees, the sound of the waves,
and the laughter of my friends.

It strengthens my blood, my mind, my heart,
and gives me the energy I need
to try harder, be better, and help other people more.

We are all building a legacy together.
Guided by the wisdom in our blood.