“Karooland, Kalahari
met skaap, berg en sand
ooptes en sielerus, en manna uit die veld

Keiskamma, Kareepit
lafenis vir boer en kind
grasse, skaars water en dier se plesier

Kremetartveld, Kripvirdrink
grondpad na êrens
waar mens en natuur saam woed en weef.”

The Nuances series are composite landscapes that subtly represent the natural landscape as a memory instead of reality, as humankind ceases to change their habits and abuse of resources with their unsustainable lifestyle, causing the extinction of natural life on our planet. This work breaks away from this general theme by depicting what we still have – and should thus preserve and protect – in parts of our country, especially in the Northern Cape and Karoo. This work has been inspired by the sweeping landscapes of these areas, as well as plans by gas companies to conduct highly controversial and environmentally detrimental – hydraulic fracture mining.