My “Home” series is focused on the theme of homecoming, nesting and what ‘home’ means to me. I started working on this series in an attempt to explore my feelings and fears after we moved to another flat not far from where we used to live in view of Table Mountain.

In “Reborn from Frustration” the city skyline represents Cape Town, which has been my home for about 3 years. This work explores my feelings around living in a city – dealing with its good and bad qualities and its diverse experiences. “Shadow of the Mountain” is symbolic of our move to a flat further away from Table Mountain and its shadow. This move also revealed part of my ‘shadow self’ and I struggled to adapt to our new home, until I created this series of artworks which helped me cope and adjust my experience of the change and new home.

“Darkness bring wisdom” does not depict ‘real’ star constellations, but rather imaginary, made-up star positions and relationships. This symbolizes seeking inner wisdom – something you can’t find in books, the library or university, but by spending time with yourself, by yourself, and accepting your own ‘darkness’.