Artist house-sit

Need someone to house- and pet-sit for you? What if I tell you I can do that for you, while also creating an original artwork for you? Whether it’s a mural, artwork for the dining room, artwork in the garden or on the stoep… You go on holiday, with the knowledge that not only is your house and animals safe and cared for, but on your return your ‘welcome home’ gift is a freshly created artwork.

I came home to a very satisfied cat who looked like it had been pampered and loved to bits. Janet left our place beautifully clean and there were many touches of care such as our Ice-caked fridge that she defrosted for us. Really can not recommend her more highly. She is my first choice in the future.
Hanien Conradie
Hout Bay
What a great treat to come home after being abroad finding Janet the ultimate home carer have left me with creative creations in my home, looking after me worms and caring for our garden. Best of all, she made an avocado pip grow and we are now very proud Janet Avo tree owners. 
Lindie Calitz

Art stays / residential artist

I am also available for art stays with you at home – offering art tutoring to your kids, creating art with you as a collaboration or creating art while you do your usual daily activities. Additionally, I can also help organise, simplify and rethink your space, while offering guidelines to make your home and life more earth-friendly and healthy.