By Kai Lossgott with contributions from the curator (Janet Botes) and participating artists Simon Max Bannister, Janet Ranson, Danelle Malan, Stefanie Schoeman, Nicolle Marais and Claire Homewood Created for and as part of the (eco)nversations Green Art Exhibition held in 2012 at the Green Expo in Cape Town. Green art reflects recession aesthetics. The facts on climate […]

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tiles and rubble placed in patterns in an unfinished bathroom

Materials: broken tiles, rubble, burglar bar found in a room, dried leaf, 1 unbroken tile Symbolizing the cracks on a dried lake in the dessert where water has become absent, the tiles also refer to broken, dry skin. The rocks around the drain outlet transforms it into a well, inviting water to return to the

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stone in beach sand covered in wave foam montage

Breaking the line of the water’s edge with a stone, a broken shell during the incoming tideSunset Beach, West Coast of the Western Cape, South Africa2015 Limited edition photographic prints on art paper.Editions: 3 (2 editions available for each artwork)Size: 30 x 54 cm (includes white border) This artwork symbolises our ability as humans to

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