Breathe Believe, Mixed media on wood, 670 x 340 mm, 2012

believe in what makes you happy
what makes you smile

say thank you as
often as you can
be gentle and loving towards
those who matter to you
try to do something fun,
that makes you smile,
each and every day
learn new things, notice
new things

accept your situations and find beauty
and opportunities for growth and
knowledge in them

learn from experiences, from
other people, from children, from
animals, from nature.

Feel, see, taste, hear and smell the
sunshine, raindrops, flowers, earth, love

Listen, thank, be still
sing and dance
Find balance, beauty and bounty

make a wish, dream,
find happiness in simple things – the
smile of a child, raindrops on leaves,
an encounter with a praying mantis
dream, smile, feel, love, dance, laugh,
cry, scream, sing, live.
be enchanted, inspired
see beauty in unconventional places
don’t be scared of feeling, of truly
experiencing moments.