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Trees and buck in landscape, small rocky hill in background
landscape road - citrusdal mcgregor


After the Rain




Forces of the Soil, 2014

Landscape or distant rainclouds over a dry field - In every drop of Water lies the History of the World, 2014

NUANCES series

NUANCES is a series of montage landscapes created from layered painted textures, drawing and photographs; printed on cotton, acid-free paper with archival ink. Only 5 prints are produced for each artwork.

The series subtly represents the natural landscape as a memory instead of reality, as humankind fails to change unsustainable habits and the abuse of resources. Urbanisation, agriculture and conservation are some of the bigger issues that are hinted at in the Nuance series – this is more evident in some of the works than in others. In some works the focus is set upon our misuse of natural resources, which will result – and already does – in the extinction of many animal and plant species in order to sustain our industrial-dependant, consumerist lifestyles. Nuances also aim to celebrate the beauty of nature, and encourage us to cultivate a new respect and appreciation for and connection with Mother Earth.

The earlier works in the series are inspired by landscapes from across South Africa, aiming to capture the essence of the areas that surround us and make part of our existence on earth. The vastness of the Karoo and Kalahari, the presence of water around us, the stimulating combinations of textures, colours and stillness in nature, and the joining of human living with the natural environment.

Later works are also about travelling through landscapes – where photographs that I took in different cities, towns and areas are merged into a new unity. We live in a beautiful country and, due to our busy lives, we often neglect appreciating and focusing on the vastness of the ocean, the serenity of the veldt and the expanse of landscape up to the horizon. Even our cities have a unique quality and beauty that sometimes complement the landscape, which is what a lot of the works from 2010 is aimed at.

The artist stands in awe and celebration of our Earth’s beauty. While the series started out trying to raise awareness for the damage we are doing to the landscape, the newer works are aimed at celebrating our planet, our landscapes, our natural heritage and our own place within it all.